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Beautiful Locally Grown Summer Flowers

Beautiful LOCALLY GROWN Summer flowers.
Now is the time to enjoy them.

BC’s Fraser Valley Region has a large flower production industry. Especially in the summer, the production increases tremendously, as these flowers do best in our local summer climate. They need lots of light, which is lacking in our rainy winter conditions. Even though there are many summer flowers, there are only a few that have a longer vase life, so they are the perfect choice for ‘Florist Designed’ flowers and most widely used.

Gladiolas are especially wonderful with a fabulous color range and really great pricing.

The locally grown Misty Blue Caspia is absolutely gorgeous.
(Caspia does not travel well, so the local is much nicer than the imported ones, available during the rest of the year)

Dahlias are a summer favorite. There are so many varieties, that every Dahlia shipment is a surprise in color and size.

And did you know how many different varieties of Sunflowers there are? Ranging from small to large, brown to Teddy bear, just to name a few easily distinguishing features.

Queen Anne’s Lace, Snapdragons, and Delphiniums are also very popular.

The Majority of these flowers are sold through United Flower Grower Auction, a co-op type auction located in Burnaby. It ranks as one of the largest fresh flower auctions in the world right after the leading world Dutch Auction in Aalsmeer Holland, which supplies a huge part of Western Europe with Flowers. The UFG auction in Burnaby supplies Western Canada and a large area of the North Western States as well.