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Caring for Azalea Plants

azaleas.jpgAzaleas are among the most popular flowering plants. Their abundant, colorful, and long lasting flowers, combined with a compact growth habit and the ability to be planted outdoors, makes them an ideal choice for gift-giving

Caring for Indoor Azaleas

Azalea plants may be kept indoors for as long as the flowers are colorful. Place the plants in a location which receives bright but indirect sunlight. Keep the soil evenly moist at all times, but never waterlogged. Azalea plants which are grown in pots are frequently in a root-bound condition, and may need to be watered fairly often. Don’t, however, allow the plants to sit in a water-filled saucer, or the roots may be irreversibly damaged. But, never allow an Azalea to dry out. If the plant is starting to wilt, immerse the plant root ball in water and totally soak the peat moss that it is planted in. Drain the plant, and make sure the plant is thoroughly hydrated again. And – water more frequently ! In warm, dry house locations Azaleas will require more water and can benefit from regular misting with water to increase the humidity around them. In their natural environment, these plants live in the understory of high trees. They thrive in cool, filtered sun. Azaleas as houseplants do best at cooler temperatures, ideally around (16-18 C.). Cooler temperatures will also help the blooms last longer. Keep plants well lit, but out of direct sun. larger container of water. When the bubbles stop, pull it out, and let it drain. Whatever you do, don’t let these plants dry out.

Planting Azaleas Outdoors

Once the blooms have faded, take off spent blooms and plant outdoors when danger of frost has passed. Choose a bright location which is out of direct sunlight. Dig a hole at least twice as wide and deep as the plant’s root ball. Add a generous amount of peat moss to the soil, which will increase the organic content and raise the acidity to a level preferred by azaleas. Refill the hole about two-thirds deep with the amended soil, slightly mounding it at the center. Remove the plant from its pot and gently loosen up the root ball, cutting through it with a knife if necessary, so as to encourage new roots to grow into the surrounding earth. Water thoroughly and keep watering well until plant is established.
Azalea plants need cooler temperatures 4 – 10 degrees Celsius.