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Cut Tulips

Cut Tulips are back again!
And they are BC grown!

Tulips are probably one of the most popular flowers after roses, carnations and gerberas. As they like cold/cool temperatures they are not available during summer and fall and availability is now in full swing again.

Cut tulips require different vase conditions from other flowers. As there seems to be a lot of misinformation about the care of tulips, we would like to share this professional tulip care with you.

Tulips will grow up to 2 inches – so make sure the vase is tall enough to accommodate extra height – unless you have a large number of tulips, a narrow vase is ideal.

Make sure the vase has been bleached and rinsed – this is important for all flowers, as a bacteria residue left in the vase will develop and block the stem ends and impede water flow to the flower and cause wilt.

Fill the vase ½ full of cold water, add 2 – 3 drops of bleach, depending on quantity of water. The bleach will harden the stems.

Despite all the various instructions, tulips do better without flower food (preservative). It contains sugar, which encourages stems to grow even more, softens the stems and make the heads droop.

Remove all lower leaves from the stems, so that no foliage is under water, which encourages bacterial growth and floral wilt.

Recut stems and place into vase.

Avoid placing into sun – keep cool, maybe place into cooler room at night, water daily.

If tulips wilt, totally immerse into water for ½ hours and recut stems. This will rehydrate any type of flower

Did you know?

The Dutch tulip breeders developed a special Tulip for Canada’s 150th Anniversary. This Tulip features vertical red and white markings that represent the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill.

The Netherlands have a very strong relationship with Canada. They donate large number of tulip bulbs to Ottawa every year as a thank you from taking in the Royal Princesses during WW2.