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Floral Shopping Tips

Shopping tips to make a Flower Delivery Special

Flowers have always been the most popular way to show someone you care. A floral delivery is a wonderful way to ‘reach out and touch someone’ in a special way. When sending flowers, you send memories that last forever. Studies show that 92% of women remember when they received flowers and 97% of women and men remember when they last sent flowers to someone. There is no other universal item besides flowers that evokes such positive feelings and perceptions for both the giver and the recipient.

A simple call to the florist or their website can make a big impact beyond conventional gifting occasions. Unexpected gifting and most memorable opportunities include surprise recognition for a job well done; an “I miss you” gift for an out-of-town family member; and an advance “thanks for hosting us” gesture before visiting a friend’s house.

To Start: find your florist, when searching on line, do make sure it is a local florist, rather than a web address that sends the floral orders for a fee to another shop.

When ordering on-line, select the floral design that you feel will be the nicest to represent your sentiments. Keep in mind that the floral item will look as close as possible to the design. Sometimes substitutions need to be made, due to availability. However, it will always be a beautiful arrangement.

As you are choosing the floral design please keep in mind the destination of where it is going. All hospitals and nursing homes have special requirements. No fragrant flowers and only compact designs. If the recipient lives in a very warm home, you should make sure that the flowers are longer lasting, rather than flowers with a shorter vase life such many of the spring and summer garden flowers.

Fall and Winter Designs in baskets are always popular, whereas most other times of the year, flowers designed in clear vases and cubes are most popular. These containers are easier to look after, as the water level is easy to see and replenish. During the Christmas Season, table centre designs and candles are most popular, but, it is always personal choice.

For those of us who would prefer to be surprised with the creativity of the professional floral designers – just choose from the increasingly popular ‘Designer’s Choice’ category – floral designers are floral artists and love to be challenged.

Cut flowers, for the recipient to place into a vase, are always good value, and a very ‘European’ way of giving flowers.

A professional florist will gladly guide you through the flower ordering process. Apart from the floral choice, appropriate enclosure card message, the recipient’s address information is is very important. That includes the correct recipient’s first and last name, telephone number (mobile is best), and correct address. The recipient’s phone number is just as important as the address. It is the only way to get in touch with recipient re any delivery questions. The upcoming wintry, colder temperatures also prohibit florists from leaving flowers and plants by the door if recipient is not home.