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Flower Arrangement Care Tips

Most flower arrangements last 6-8 days. There are flowers that have a shorter vase life than others, including most spring flowers. The following tips, provided by professional florist associations, will ensure longer-lasting, more vibrant flowers. We find that our customers at Turley’s Florist always comment on how long their flowers last, much longer than the suggested time frame. Keep the container filled with water. Flowers will drink more water the first few days of their vase life, and slow down a bit after a few days. Always use the floral preservative package provided by the florist, making sure to follow the mixing directions on the package. For best effectiveness, do not dilute preservative with too much water.

  1. Once the water solution in the vase becomes cloudy, replace water in the vase and re-cut stems and return to vase. A fresh cut stem will ensure that the water solution will go into the flower stem, right to the flower, so it does not wilt. The end of a flower stem will seal over slightly, reducing the amount of water absorbed into stem and flower.
  2. Keep flowers in a cool place, out of direct sun, heating or cooling units and ceiling fans. Appliances give off heat, so do not place on top of TV or radiators. Any heat or cooling source will cause flowers to dehydrate, which causes wilting.
  3. If flowers are starting to wilt, recut stems, and immerse flowers in water for ½ hour to hydrate again. Replace into the vase.