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Flower Care Tips


It is important to give cut flowers the following care.

Choose a vase that will fit the length and amount of flowers, dissolve the accompanying flower food according to instructions. Remove all the foliage that will be below the waterline, re-cut the flower stems with a sharp knife or scissors. Place the freshly cut flowers into the vase.

Having bleached and rinsed the vase before using it, eliminates risk of bacteria growing and reducing the flower life. (Bacteria can stay in previously used vases for a long time and are activated again by water and new stems in the vase).

The floral preservative increases flower vase life. It consists of food and bactericide, really making a difference in extending vase life of flowers.


Making your flowers last longer

Each cut flower variety has a different life expectancy. When buying flowers, be sure to ask your florist how long you should expect your arrangement to last. Whatever variety you choose, a little TLC will go a long way to keep your blooms looking fresh longer. Here are a few handy tips that can help add days to their beauty!

Floral food and why you should use it

Floral food is a combination of additives that help to nourish the flowers and discourage bacteria from growing in the water. It is one of the best — and easiest — ways to extend the life of your flowers. It is very important to follow the directions on the package correctly. Improperly mixed floral food can do more harm than good.

When your flowers arrive in wet foam

Keep the floral foam soaked in water. The floral food added at the time of design by your florist will stay active. Again make sure that you use the added floral preservative, as you top up water level in container.

When your flowers have woody stems and branches (such as Quince, Forsythia, or Lilac)

Cut the stem with sharp pruning shears. Place in warm water containing fresh floral food to promote flower opening.