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Summer Maintenance for Indoor Plants

This is the perfect time to do your ‘Annual Indoor Plant’ Maintenance.
After the long winter season, especially this year, plants do like special attention. The plant growing year really does go by growing season, starting early spring to early spring of the next year – plant growth slows down in the winter. Low light conditions, sitting too close to a heat source, accumulation of dust and other residue on foliage will take a toll on plants.

Some plants also like a summer vacation outside. Hibiscus do like a ‘morning sun only’ outdoor retreat, for the warmer months, just make sure to bring them inside before the nights turn cool again.

Give your plants a shower – make sure the pots have drained the extra water before placing them into the room.

Check for repotting. Caution – flowering plants prefer to be slightly rootbound.

Prune, making sure you are not pruning buds off flowering plants.

Remove old, yellowing foliage and dry branches – especially for Ficus Benjamina – Weeping Figs, Ferns and any plants where shading canopy of foliage is hiding the old unattractive foliage.

Consider a fertilizing regime. Ideally a weaker fertilizer solution every month works better than using a strong solution once and then forgetting about it. Fertilizers have 3 major nutrients and are always shown in this order:

N – Nitrogen promotes green growth
P – Phosphates promote flowers
K – Potassium promotes root growth

Fertilizers for green plants will be higher in Nitrogen. Flowering plants require higher phosphate levels. And yes, the extra care and time in fertilizing plants will result in Happy, Beautiful plants and personal satisfaction.

Watering: Plants will require less water in the winter, as their growth slows down due to lower light conditions, humidity is higher and many people keep their homes cooler now. A hot, sunny summer causes higher water evaporation through the plant foliage and more watering is required.

Plant watering 101: A really good soaking of the soil every few days, as required, is better than small amounts of water every other day. Water a plant thoroughly, moving the watering can nozzle right around the plant to ensure that the whole root area receives water. Drain the plant well – most plants do not like to sit in water for extended periods of time.