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The Carnation ‘Comeback’

In the floral business, Mother’s Day does spread out over the week. Mother’s Day is considered the end of that week. The majority of people order their flowers early and delivery is usually any day, starting the Wednesday through to Sunday. Tips on ordering Flowers – please always have a phone number for recipient. If Mom is not home, the florist has to make phone contact. Many recipients have a home phone and mobile phone, it helps to give both. For Mother’s Day, if the weather is great, Mom might be away for the weekend. This holds true especially in retirement areas such as Nanaimo. For that reasons many customers prefer to have their flowers delivered early. Also if you ask for Sunday delivery, please keep in mind that Mom might be out for brunch and that the florist delivers all day long, so flowers might not arrive until 4pm.

Did you know?

Carnations are coming back in popularity. They are a lovely complimentary flower, beautiful colors, good value and long lasting. Many of our customers say our carnations last for 3 and more weeks. Carnations go back to ancient Greek History. Greek botanist Theophrastus, gave them the Latin name Dianthus (flowers of God). Their special Mother’s day meaning goes back to Christian Legends.


Flowers will always be a very much appreciated gift. A floral gift is a great and easy way to show how much you love Mom.