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The Impact of Beautiful Greenery

As Florists, we try to attend Floral Conferences for new ideas and technology updates. We are a top Canadian member of the Teleflora wire service which has a North American event every 2 years.

One of the concepts that really stood out for us at the latest Teleflora event, was the use of the beautiful local and tropical greenery in making ‘eye stopping’ designs. It is not always the flowers that create impact. That is why the wall of varied, stunning greenery was one of these designs that wowed all attendees. Built on a PVC frame it was easy to move and provided a unique background for floral displays. The 2 pictures show construction and the finished wall, accented by a floral design.

Palm fronds, grasses as well as some of the foliages shown below are used in the wall.

The Fatsia Japonica leaves used in the wall also grow locally. Actually, the City of Victoria permitted our Design team for the 1994 Commonwealth games, held in Victoria, to use these big and bold Fatsia leaves, grown in Victoria parks, in all the Game’s finalists bouquets. We felt that it gave these presentation bouquets for the games a very special touch and local impact.

Here are some more greenery design examples:

Did You Know?
BC’s West Coast Salal is considered a special greenery in Europe, with many containers filled with salal shipped overseas. A great industry for BC from a renewable organic resource.